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Night Movies at Beach 97 2018

by Lowry

Recorded at Studio G in Brooklyn NYC. With Chris Cubeta on the board.

Tim Lappin and Gary Atturio on bass. Spencer Cohen on drums. Alex Lowry on guitar, Vox, Fender Rhodes, piano and synths. Chris Cubeta on other synths, guitars and things.

Produced by Alex Lowry and Chris Cubeta. Mixed by Chris Cubeta. Mastered by Alex Deturk.

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Live at Rockwood Music Hall Cover Art.jpg

Live at Rockwood Music Hall 2014

by Lowry

Recorded live at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City in the summer of 2014 with Crash Gordon Piggott, Greg Tuohey, Steve Waitt and Tim Lappin.

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Lowry Emporia Album Art.jpg

Emporia 2012

by Lowry

Recorded at Engine Room Audio in New York City in 2012.

w/ Greg Tuohey, Crash Gordon Piggott, Heidi Sidelinker, Gillian Visco and Lenny Monachello.

Additional string arrangements by Gene Back

EngineRoom Records. Mixed by Drew Fischer. Produced by Mark Christiansen and Alex Lowry. Mastered by Mark Christiansen.

Engineered by Logan Meyers, Tanner Ramsey, Pawel Szarejko and Tim Saroce.

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Lowry Love is Dead Album Art.jpg

Love is Dead 2008

by Lowry

Recorded at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY in 2008.

w/ Crash Gordon Piggott, Greg Tuohey, Heidi Sidelinker and Lenny Monachello.

Additional tracking from Steve Waitt, Nicholas Webber, Shawn Setaro and Casey Spindler.

Recorded with Aaron Nevezie. Mixed by Drew Fischer. Produced by Alex Lowry and Drew Fisher. Additional production from Eric Feigenbaum.

Mastered by Mark Christensen.

EngineRoom Records

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Lowry Live in Atlanta Album Cover.jpg

Live in Atlanta (Unplugged) 2007

by Lowry

Recorded Live at Eddie's Attic in Decatur, GA in 2007.

w/ Crash Gordon Piggott, Shawn Setaro, Claire Bowman, Sarah Bowman and Nicolas Webber.

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Awful Joy Album Art.jpg

Awful Joy 2005

by Lowry

Recorded at Studio G in Brooklyn, NY in 2005.

w/ Bryan Winkert, Nicolas Webber, Anthony Garcia, Shawn Setaro and Eric Feigenbaum.

Also with Jay Mankind, Ian Thomas, Paula Valstein, Danny Sanchez, John Embree, Marco Pascolini, Claire Bowman, Scott Peterson, Miki Huber, Brook Pridemore, Rick Royale, Ivan Sandomire, David LK Murphy and Sarah Bowman.

Produced by Eric Feigenbaum and Alex Lowry. Mixed by Paul Malinoski.

OddMob Records

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Magazine EP Volume 1

by Lowry

Early live recordings from Aspen, Colorado and insightful studio demos that really dig into the history of the band.

Recorded in the years between 2005 and 2006.

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Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 9.29.31 PM.png

Magazine EP Volume 2

by Lowry

The 2nd of 2 EPs featuring early demos recorded between 2005 and 2006. A fantastic insight into the early years of the band.

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May/June 2018 Dates for Europe:


May (Germany)

09. Bad Bentheim            @ Altes Museum
10 Bad Salzuflen           @  Wüstener Krug
11 Bielefeld                      @ Private Concert
12 Aachen.                         @ Cafe Egmont
13 Offenbach.                  @ Hafen2

15 Paderborn                  @ sputnik
16 Chemnitz.                    @ Aaltra
17 Dresden.                      @ Blue Note
18 Bad Frankenhausen @ Panorama Museum
19 Leipzig.                          @ Tonellis

20 Sylt                               @ Irish Pub
22 Bielefeld.                    @ Plan B
23 Osnabruck                 @ Projekt 36
24 Höxter.                        @ Tonenburg
25 Bielefeld.                   @ Extra Blues Bar
26 Bergedorf.                 @ Cafe Chrysander
27 Köln                             @ Lied United at Blue Shell

29 Hamburg.                    @ Spielbudenplatz
30 Eckernförde.            @ Spieler
31 Hamburg.                    @ Astrastube

June (Germany)

01 Quedlinburg.            @ KuzReich
02 Berlin.                         @Valentin Stüberl Summer Fest (2 gigs this day, stay tuned)


Full release of the new record with digital distribution set for Summer 2018.

'Catchy and innovative' -  ***Shut Up Magazine***

'If Ok Computer is what happened when Britpop decided to listen to progressive rock, Love Is Dead is its Americana counterpoint' *** Online Rock***

'Impressive and satisfying, Lowry lives in his own make-believe world. . . in no uncertain terms'  ***Mishmash Magazine***

'Breaks all the rules of indie rock'  ***Skope Magazine***

'Simply, gorgeous'  ***Burgos Blog***

'Unclassifiable.. meticulously crafted'  ***Atlanta Music Guide***

'Pushes established boundaries with alarming ease' ***Creative Loafing***

'Strange and beautiful as any acid excursion' ***The Pitch Weekly***

'Timeless and groundbreaking . . . the further Lowry disappears into his own head, the better off we are for it' ***Block Magazine***

'Stripped of self-consciousness and pretension' ***Chicago Innerview Magazine***

'An unadulterated and immediate joy'  ***Americana UK***

'New and vital' ***Daily Vault***

'Lush and orgasmic at times, it has the feel of universe building and all the absurdity that goes with it' ***The Reader, Omaha***

Press Release May 2018 (Germany)

Technically savvy, it's finely playful indie folk pop with unusual and surprising structures that build on the previously released albums "Awful joy", "Love is dead" and "Emporia".  Lowry's body of work embodies an incredible variety of ideas lyrically and musically.  The listener is exposed to a barely-exhaustible universe of ideas of singer and mastermind Alex Lowry. The bandwidth of sound finds its focus in the center between indie, alternative folk, pop and rock. 

Magic runs through the songs, 

The complexity of the music opens only after repeated listening, after which appears a real event.  With the new album "Night Movies at Beach 97", Lowry only furthers a refinement of musical style. Although this current focus is on rock, as singer Alex Lowry assures, the subtle elements of modern indie culture remain intact.

Alex Lowry is a mainstay on the New York indie scene, blending his seemingly limitless cauldron of ideas and creativity on stage into a fantastic musical spectacle. In doing so, he keeps gathering a number of great musicians who give the live sound a special touch.  A new live album titled "Live at Rockwood Music Hall" bears witness and also appears for the tour. Many new songs will feature the Brooklyn-based songwriter on this tour, adding another level of sophistication to the repertoire.


Technisch versierter, fein verspielter Indie-Folk-Pop mit ungewöhnlichen und überraschenden Strukturen schaffen auf den bisher erschienenen Alben “Awful joy” , “Love is dead” und “Emporia” eine unfassbare Vielfältigkeit und dem Zuhörer erschließt sich der kaum erschöpfbare Ideenkosmos von Sänger und Mastermind Alex. Die Bandbreite findet ihren Fokus im Zentrum zwischen Indie, alternativem Folk, Pop und Rock. Magie zieht sich durch die Songs , die Komplexität der Musik öffnet sich erst nach mehrmaligem Hören und wird zu einem echten Ereignis. Mit dem neuem Album „Night movies at beach 97“ werden Lowry ihren musikalischen Stil weiter verfeinern. Das Hauptaugenmerk legte die Band zwar auf Rock, wie Sänger Alex versichert, dennoch bleiben die feinen Elemente moderner Indie-Kultur erhalten.

Alex Lowry gilt in der New Yorker Indie-Szene als Genie, der seine scheinbar grenzenlosen Ideen und Kreativität auf der Bühne zu einem fantastischen musikalischen Spektakel verschmelzen lässt. Dabei schart er immer wieder eine Reihe großartiger Musiker um sich, die dem Live-Sound die besondere Note geben. Ein Live-Album mit dem Titel „Live on the LES“ legt Zeugnis ab und erscheint ebenfalls zur Tour. Viele neue Songs wird die in Greenpoint, Brooklyn beheimatete Band auf dieser Tour vorstellen und das Gesamtrepertoire noch einmal um eine feine Qualitätsstufe bereichern.

Eintritt frei. Hutspende erbeten.